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Suite 319
United States

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PolymerPaving.com is a property of Option Quest, LLC, Chemicals Division. We are active in the alternative paving arena, an emerging industry, where we have the best products and we rank above all other players in Google searches.

Our mission is to invent and market the best eco-friendly road-building chemicals and accessories.These are not many, and they are easy to learn and talk about. Because the buyers and beneficiaries are governments and municipalities, the orders for our products are usually large, so the pay is generally much better than elsewhere, your efforts being equal.

Everything is done for us: training, web site, email, samples, business cards, documentation, warehousing, shipping to clients, and advanced support from specialists in the field.

Our job at the Hartford Office is to sell. We are paid a generous perpetual commission on all the clients we bring in. We can work from our home or from one of the centrally located Hartford offices. This is a big boys' (and girls') game. No whiners allowed. No "my bad luck is someone else's fault". No downers. We are all pumped up and productive. We do it strong, we do it good, we do it right. We help each other, we share data, client lists, and success for one is success for all. We also have fun, and we're known to be loud at the local establishments where we celebrate our successes. All we ask is that if you are like us, you join us, and you will never look back. Make no mistake, each of us pulls their own weight. Your compensation is the commission you earn. This is graduate work for serious sales people, not kindergarten for people who are still trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up. If that is too harsh, good luck with your search, please keep looking. However, if you are a black belt who is not afraid to pick up a phone and discuss a $200,000 average transaction with a prospect, you just found yourself a home where you will earn six figures or more.


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