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Sep 20, 2017
Oct 11, 2017
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Direct Employer
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Full Time
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At Compassus, our mission is to provide hospice care to terminally ill patients and their families with Compassion, Integrity, and Excellence. The Colleagues of Compassus are committed to keeping The Hospice Promise by delivering the highest quality of care, serving the needs of patients and families and spreading the stories of hospice to those whom they come into contact. Our goal is to provide the greatest possible comfort and care for those who experience one of life's most intimate and challenging moments.

Compassus also provides palliative care to improve quality of life for patients and families who may also be seeking aggressive treatment for their serious illness. Compassus palliative care services can offer relief from symptoms and pain and a care plan based on your values and needs.

This position oversees two Clinical Directors, along with the Medical Director(s) from the office located in Orange, CT. The Executive Director is responsible for implementing corporate policy and mission at the Hospice program level by maintaining appropriate staffing levels, meeting set corporate standards and goals and assuring the long term fiscal viability of the program.


1. Function as the senior executive for the Hospice program.

Maximizes resources at the Executive Operations Leader disposal by:

* Assuring full utilization, maintenance and accountability of the hospice program data processing equipment/software, DME, office equipment/furniture, tools, communication equipment, vehicles: to include making the appropriate replacement/upgrade purchase order requests to the corporate office.

* Maintaining a clean and professional appearance of the offices/space being occupied by the hospice program.

* Managing hospice personnel in a manner that minimizes stress, promotes quality service, and provides a professional work atmosphere, with minimum staff turnover.

* Implementing the financial/budget guidelines set by corporate.

* Assuring appropriate and cost effective utilization of the Transition and Bridge Care Programs through appropriate application, implementation, conversion (to full hospice service) and timely evaluation of patients for appropriateness.

* Controlling variable expenses so that program expenses do not exceed revenues, thus assuring a long term and viable hospice program.

* Organizes and facilitates regular management meetings with the goal of positive, motivating team building, as well as management problem solving and peer support.

* Works with the management team to identify long and short term needs and general management concerns of the hospice program, and communicates that information to the appropriate corporate department.

* Demonstrates support of the corporate mission (by actions and attitude), policies and procedures and assures consistent compliance within the hospice program.

* Maintains a positive working relationship with the local community, service vendors and the supporting foundation (if foundation is present.)

2. Provides regular and appropriate documentation/communication to corporate office.

* Provides accurate and timely billing and vendor service information

* Provides accurate and timely employee time log, mileage and expense information.

* Provides accurate and timely patient services related information.

* Maintains program records, procedures, files and patient charts as required by the standards, policies and procedures set forth by corporate administration.

* Prepare operations related reports for the Regional Vice President of Operations/Divisional President.

* Prepares end of the month status reports for the Regional Vice President of Operations/Divisional President as well as timely, detailed and accurate marketing plans, logs and supporting documentation files.

3. Ensures compliance with all local, state and federal Hospice and Hospice care related regulations and mandates.

* Facilitates all appropriate regulatory and internal audits and reviews and provides appropriate responses/documentation to any and all appropriate regulatory authorities and or corporate departments to assure accurate and timely compliance and or corrective action, thus assuring legal, ethical, quality and consistent patient care.

* Assures the timely compilation and submission of information for all appropriate license renewals, with the appropriate regulatory authorities.

* Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local and corporate quality improvement regulations and or policies and procedures, serving on agency QAPI committees if and when required by policy or regulation.

* Assures adequate plan for new employee orientation, in-services, and continuing education.

* Negotiates implements and monitors all services provided locally through contractual agreements, while providing the corporate office with copies of all such current and executed service/contractual agreements.

4. Promotes program growth and development.

* Prepares appropriate plans of action to insure timely, accurate and documentable distribution of lay and marketing information to the professional and general community.

* Establish a professional relationship with physicians, hospital and nursing home administrators, civic leaders, and health-related agency executives by making personal contact on a regular scheduled basis.

* Schedules and presents educational, informational and marketing programs to area professional groups.

* Educates and monitors staff members regarding agency plan of action for community development.

5. Administer agency personnel program.

* Coordinates employee recruitment, hiring, appraisals, discipline and discharges with and through corporate Human Resources Department to assure legality and consistency with personnel policies and procedures.

* Maintains agency level employee files (as per corporate policy) and provides the corporate office with accurate and appropriate personnel information in a timely fashion.

* Assures appropriate and cost effective staffing levels.

* Assures that fair, accurate and timely employee performance appraisals are completed and submits appropriate documentation to the corporate Human Resources Department.

* Assures the appropriate administration of employee disciplinary action as dictated by policy and procedure, with appropriate technical guidance from the corporate Human Resources Department.

6. Other duties as assigned.


* Connecticut ? (a) The administrator of an agency shall be a person with one of the following: (1) A master's degree in nursing with an active license to practice nursing in this state and at least one year of supervisory or administrative experience in a health care facility program which included care of the sick; or (2) A master's degree in public health or administration with a concentration of study in health services administration, and at least one year of supervisory or administrative experience in a health care facility/program which included care of the sick; or (3) A baccalaureate degree in nursing with an active license to practice nursing in this state and at least two years supervisory or administrative experience in a health care facility/program which included care of the sick; or (4) A baccalaureate degree in administration with a concentration of study in health services administration and at least two years' supervisory or administrative experience in a health care facility/program which included care of the sick; or (5) A physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Connecticut who has had at least one year supervisory or administrative experience in a health care facility/program which included care of the sick

* A working knowledge of Federal and State regulations as they pertain to the provision of comprehensive, hospice home care, its administration, and related reimbursement.

* Understanding and acceptance of hospice philosophy.

* Working knowledge of EEOC regulations, human resource management, benefits management and risk management, as they pertain to health care employees.

* The ability to communicate clearly (both written and oral), make public presentations; work successfully with community groups, advisory panels and Board of Directors.

* Possess strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills.

* Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office

* Must be of high integrity including maintenance of confidential information including all personnel and patient records.

* Ability to work a flexible schedule, to include some evenings and weekends.

* Has a valid driver's license and auto liability insurance.

* Ability to meet physical job requirements.

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