Warehouse Worker

Feb 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description

Purpose of Job: Supports warehouse & office operations by assisting with inventory management; providing administrative support; maintaining equipment; care and support for live flora and fauna; some manufacturing of exotic related supplies; general cleaning.


  • Stock Management - Daily Departmental Support Stock Check and Fulfillment, Checking Incoming Shipments and Stocking Office & Warehouse Supplies, Greenhouse Management (Watering and Caring for Live Plants), Animal Care (Feeding and Watering duties for live exotic animals)
  • Office & Administrative Support - Printing, organization, and application of graphic product labels
  • Manufacturing - Creation & Packaging of multiple exotic animal related supplies
  • Other Responsibilities and Daily Maintenance - Packaging and Shipping Outgoing Product; General Cleaning (Dusting, Sweeping, Vacuuming)

Other Requirements:

  • Must be honest, friendly, positive, and self-motivated
  • Must not be afraid to "get hands dirty" for certain tasks (i.e. plant propagation, etc)
  • Must have reliable transportation, and be willing to run the occasional stock-related errand. (Gas will be compensated)
  • Must love animals
  • Must have reliable transportation


Note: The below qualifications are highly desired at our company, but are not mandatory.

  • College experience and/or a solid previous employment record are both a huge "plus"
  • Proficiency using Google Products (Google Chrome OS, Google Drive, Etc)
  • Proficiency using Windows PCs (File storage & organization, printing)
  • Experience with terrarium plants or houseplants

Employment Information::

  • Job advancement based on ability, attitude, and on the job accomplishments
  • Entry level position, with room for growth and long term job opportunities
  • Frequent Employee Reviews and Opportunities for Advancement and Pay Increase

Company Description About New England Herpetoculture

Our goal is to earn the title "Your 1-Stop Vivarium Shop", by offering the best prices, the best service, most complete vivarium info, and the widest vivarium supply selection online. NEHERP is a small family owned & operated business, and each staff member is an experienced vivarium and/or exotic pet enthusiast, which helps us to know exactly what's important to our clients when putting orders together. We offer some of the best vivarium-related supplies found anywhere, and despite our smaller size as a company, we guarantee to have the lowest prices of any herp specialty shop.