Freshman Baseball Coach

Naugatuck Public Schools
Feb 04, 2018
Feb 24, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Freshman Baseball Coach

Naugatuck High School

Job Philosophy

The Coach shall be responsible to the Athletic Director of the school in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Board of Education and the Superintendent. The Coach is further responsible to the Director of Athletics and Activities in the administration and supervision of his/her assignment. The Coach serves as a teacher and, as such, is expected to exercise the good judgment and ethical behavior of a professional person in accordance with the Code of Ethics of teachers and the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. The coach is expected to maintain the highest of standards of excellence in his/her position of leadership, and in his/her service to students.

Duties and Responsibilities

* The Head Coach of a sport will have the entire responsibility of that sport and assistant coaches and junior varsity coaches will work under the direction of the Head coach.

* The Head Coach is responsible for completing post-season evaluations of his/her staff members to be reviewed and signed by the assistant coach and given to the AD.

* Head coaches of a sport are responsible for rules, eligibility lists, regulations, physical exams, dates of tournaments, and other details of that sport.

* It is the responsibility of each coach to set the highest of ethical standards for athletes through action, speech and conduct, both on and off the field.

* Each Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her athletes, on the field, while traveling, and at away sites, and should demand the highest standard while representing Naugatuck High School.

* Press and public relations must be handled with dignity and controlled by each Head Coach. Each coach has the responsibility of publicizing his/her sport by reporting team scores and write-ups to the local and area newspapers.

* Each coach is responsible for seasonal awards, subject to the approval of the AD.

* Regardless of the presence of a booster club, the head coach is ultimately responsible for all fiscal dealings involving his/her sport including fund raiser policies and procedures, activity fees, expenditures, etc. SDL2017