Medical Receptionist

Comprehensive Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Care. LLC
Feb 08, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description

Overview: Greets, instructs, directs and schedules patients and visitors. Serves as a liaison between patient and medical support staff. Collects co-pays and outstanding balances for all patients who have them, and asks assistance from the Business Office as is necessary. Performs scheduling and pre-authorization tasks for Physical therapy and other providers as required.

Asks for assistance when needed and works closely with her Manager and Billing Office staff to keep the patient flow moving on time. This Associate treat patients and other staff with deference and respect, works efficiently and knowledgeably in the processing of patients through the office. He/she is always willing to assist management and other staff in any function, and are cross trained to work Billing, DME, and A/R.

The Associates participate in departmental meetings contributing to the efficiency of the whole with creative and thoughtful solutions to private practice challenges, and maintain patient confidentiality. Our Associates are true team players, always helping wherever needed within the Practice. With the Board of Directors and the Management Team, is responsible to lead by example in maintaining the highest standards of conduct and professionalism, hallmarked, by the Comprehensive Orthopaedics, LLC style of excellent patient service, and respect and expressed appreciation for staff and physician contributions to the Practice. Every patient, staff member and patient is greeted with a smile. Every staff member is required to be quintessentially approachable in all matters.

Physical Abilities: Must be able to meet the following requirements as demonstrated by past performance.

?? Must be able to bend, stretch and reach to accomplish duties

?? Must be able to move about the office in confined areas.

?? Must have adequate manual dexterity to write legibly and perform required procedures.

?? Must have adequate visual acuity to read, interpret and transcribe written material and to perform required procedures.

?? Must have adequate hearing and speaking abilities to interact appropriately with others, including patients and coworkers.

?? Contact involves dealing with sick people.


1. Maintains established practice policies and procedures, objectives, and customer service standards

2. Greets patients and visitors with a friendly smile, in a prompt, courteous and helpful manner.

3. Checks in patients, verifies and updates each patient's demographic and insurance information in the medical record without exception, always includes the patient's employers.

4. Collects all co-pays and follows Policy on collection of this patient responsibility

5. Collects all outstanding balances and directs any billing issues to the billing office

6. Assures that the patient has provided correct information (Ins, ID, Ins Card, Group and Policy numbers, all verified) to get paid.

7. Coordinates registration, paperwork, forms and traffic flow through the clinical site.

8. Maintains constant surveillance of the waiting room to be sure each person is accounted for, and to let patients know the status of their appointment times.

9. Is responsible to provide the Director of Physical Therapy with scheduling coverage as well as pre-authorization. This hybrid position will follow The Director's guidance in this area.

10. Is constantly aspiring for "on time delivery", and assists the Clinical and Secretarial staff in achieving this.

11. Maintains neatness of work area and waiting room. Keeps the inventory of forms fresh and ready for each day.

12. Processes a wide variety of forms, including but not limited to patient information sheets, referrals, charge slips,

records, provider's orders, test results, and medical history examinations.

13. Checks patient's papers to be sure they are completed and legible.

14. Able to operate various office equipment with competency.

15. Responsible for immediately informing patients who are not prepared to pay their copes that our policy normally is to reschedule. We ask the patient to wait while we let the physician know the situation. The physician makes the final decision.

16. Able to operate copiers, computers and printers, as well as general maintenance. Alerts service immediately if there are problems.

17. Gets a copy of each and every patient's insurance card. Explain to patients that they can now be updated at any time, not just annually, and our policy is to copy it each time. If the patient insists there is no change, do not argue, just make a note.

18. Accurately completes registrations with 100% accuracy for demographic and insurance information. Asks for assistance if needed.

19. Immediately notify Patient Services Manager of any urgent, irate or inappropriate patient behavior. Do not engage.

20. Maintains the utmost level of professionalism in all conversations and actions.

21. Check E-Mail several times daily, and Voice Mail hourly. Assures work, office and patient areas are neat and orderly.

22. Assists in maintaining and training of the use of all copiers, printers, and other office equipment as requested

21. Answer emergency/doctor phone immediately and process caller.


  • Cross Training: Billing, DME Charges, all satellites, telephone operator, others as requested by Management.
  • Work additional hours when requested, especially at peak times such as end of month.

  • Attend conferences, office meetings, committee assignments as required

  • Attends departmental meetings, makes suggestions , plan for the upcoming week and help to solve problems

  • Performs other functions not listed here as requested by Management


  • All Front Desks have Billing Office Responsibilities such as insurance verification, collection of copays, outstanding balances and others as instructed.
  • Each and every patient's self-pay balance needs to be requested at the front desk as patients check in. If they do not pay it, they must speak to someone in billing.

Position Requirements:

Minimum Education: High School Graduate, Associate Degree preferred, GPA of 3.0 or higher

Minimum Experience: Minimum of two years experience in heavy volume customer service position in Medicine. Excellent English Language skills. Clear, energetic, professional manner. Experience making patients feel welcome and important. Spanish Language preferred

Skills: Excellent Computer Skills, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word a plus. Be capable of dealing tactfully and effectively with patients, employees, physicians and attorneys.