Material Planner

Trading Company
New Haven
Mar 01, 2018
Mar 29, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description

Job Title: Material Planner

Department: Logistics

Reports to: Manager of Production, Quality Control, & Logistics

1. Summary:

This role has mastered every task of Logistics, and has also shown the impetus to take on more responsibility proactively and independently. Also is knowledgeable of, and responsible for, complying with all safety and environmental requirements to the highest standards under federal, state, and local laws. H/She is the primary person to coordinate all in/outbound material and track inventory. Finally, this position supports 'on call' as necessary, 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

2. Essential Functions:

• Assist with Manger of Production, Quality Control, & Logistics to establish daily logistics schedule and ensures the daily schedule is distributed to receipts on time.

• Monitors the progress of the logistics team to ensure daily logistics activities are completed in a timely manner and that the daily schedule for loading/unloading trucks, railcars, barges, and tanks is met

    • Collect shipment information of feedstock, product, chemicals, and byproduct.

• Monitors holding tank inventory and inform Manager of Production, Quality Control, & Logistics of inventory.

• Communicates with suppliers, carriers, terminals and other teams to gather information: ETAs, issues, cancelations, etc.

• Ensures all carriers have Certificates of Insurance and Worker's Compensation for New Haven Terminal (NHT).

• Coordinates with NHT throughout the day via email, radio, and phone

• Collects and scans the NHT custody transfer reports.

• Requests daily and weekend overtime from NHT after receiving approval from Manager of Production, Quality Control, & Logistics.

• Receives all incoming chemical shipments from various carriers.

• Makes sure all documentation of incoming and outgoing products is completed and communicated to the appropriate people timely.

• Works in the field to complete daily logistics activities.

• Works with logistics technicians to complete inspection rounds to check logistics equipment and tank farms for malfunctions, defects, leaks, and hazards.

• Completes work requests to address abnormal conditions.

• Works with logistics team members to perform housekeeping and maintenance, which is limited to equipment cleaning, inspection, lubrication and filling oil reservoirs.

3. Nonessential Functions: Assist with tasks as assigned by Management.

4. Minimum Qualifications

    • Education Level: High School Diploma or GED
    • Field of Study (if applicable): N/A
    • Experience (years and *environment): 6 months - 1 year
    • Environment: At least six months of successful experience as an American GreenFuels Operator.

5. Success Factors - Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

• Has a proven strong work ethic.

• Ability to understand instructions and underlying principles, and/or conveys detailed instructions to coworkers effectively.

• Ability to reason and make sound judgements.

• Sets realistic goals and make plans independently and interdependently

• Communicates effectively with all departments, and at all levels of job responsibilities.

• Computer proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.

• Adheres to company standard of safety neatness and cleanliness.

• Has an understanding of EPA, DOT, OSHA, and state regulations commonly associated with a biodiesel manufacturing facility.

• Has a valid identification card in accordance with form I9 and a TWIC card.

• Ability to read, write, speak, and understand English.

• Ability to safely operate powered industrial equipment.

6. Physical Requirements:

• Ability to tolerate extended period of physical effort.

• Continuously standing on concrete floors.

• Ability to work outside in various climates and possible harsh conditions.

• Ability to distinguish colors.

• Frequent walking, standing, sitting and use of computer.

• Frequent climbing (up to 65ft), kneeling, stooping, and bending.

• Carrying, lifting, and/or moving up to 50lbs unassisted.

• Carrying, lifting, and/or moving 100 to 250lbs assisted.

• Ability to maneuver of up to 600lbs with handcart or other device.

• Occasional pushing, pulling, and/or reaching above the shoulders.

• Repetitive hand movements with a firm grasp with the right and/or left hand.

• Must pass pulmonary testing and remain clean shaven at all times to wear respirator when job requires or in case of emergency.

7. Supervisory Responsibility: None

8. Safety Sensitivities:

• Ability to manage contact/exposure to chemicals ordinarily found in a biodiesel facility

• Responsible for operation of powered industrial equipment

• Responsible for turning valves, controlling and regulating the flow of materials and chemical constituents throughout the product transfer system to ensure efficient and safe transfers.

Company Description Biodiesel Plant