Care Coordinator

Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc
Mar 08, 2018
Mar 12, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description

The Care Coordinator shall have a level of coordination and communication to ensure the client's needs as well as CSSD's needs and obligations are met.

1. S/he will be the point of contact when communicating with Probation Officers.

2. S/he will schedule intake and assessment activities with CSSD standards.

3. S/he will ensure that all written correspondence meets CSSD timeliness standards.

4. S/he will ensure that all referral information contain accurate data.

5. S/he will input and maintain client data within the Contractor Data Collection System (CDCS).

6. S/he will be responsible for utilizing reports monthly through the CDCS system to monitor the timeliness and accuracy of data.

7. S/he will participate in audits conducted by the CDCS team.

8. S/he will actively engage and assist eligible clients in gaining public insurance to include the DSS application process and any other entitlements.

9. S/he will be knowledgeable of DSS regulations.

10. S/he will attend client case conferences at the probation or court offices as needed.

11. S/he will complete evaluations as needed.

12. S/he will keep Probation Officers updated regarding client treatment status, providing written and verbal updates to CSSD and Probation personnel regarding changes in client status as required and within mandated timelines.

13. S/he will perform additional duties as assigned.

Company Description Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that provides a full range of licensed outpatient substance abuse and mental health prevention, education, and treatment services to assist adults in becoming productive members of society.