Quality Engineer Manufacturing

Apr 12, 2018
Apr 26, 2018
Executive Search
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description

Job Description: Work toward the attainment of meeting our quality objectives through a variety of activities in such functions as, ISO implementation, quality assurance, non-conformance prevention and corrective actions, QC inspection, quality at the source, general process improvement in quality, cost reduction and on time delivery.

Job specific duties, qualifications, and skill requirements, plus educational and physical requirements:

  • Assist in the execution of activities related to the maintenance of our registered quality system.
  • Use and assist others in the uses of Total Quality Process techniques.
  • Drive Cost Of Quality Improvements in Product Line
  • Perform internal audits of our quality system.
  • Work with engineering to develop & implement quality plans, and test & inspection procedures for new products.
  • Work with purchasing to improve supplier quality, including phone and in-person contact with suppliers.
  • Identify, investigate problems, determine root causes and initiate corrective actions, including NCMRs, waivers, engineering change requests, and changes to inspection procedures.
  • Investigate assigned specific problems, determine root cause, and ensure corrective action & effectiveness.
  • Provide quality inspection guidance and direct /assist quality inspectors in daily assignments.
  • Assist, train and advise inspectors and operators on proper inspection procedures and equipment operation.
  • Ensure that inspection & test data are recorded, filed and maintained. Perform data analysis, data reduction and generate summary reports.
  • Assist in the inspection of vendor supplied and Zygo fabricated materials and components for visible defects and insure compliance with specifications.
  • Set up and perform in process and final inspection, as required.
  • Develop and maintain inspection procedures.
  • Conduct product audits and identify specific processes/items needing improvement. Make recommendations to raise product quality & reliability.
  • Support supplier visits,customer visits, source inspections, and supplier CA follow-up.
  • Support Dock-To-Stock (DTS) program.
  • Follow prescribed safety policy and regulations. Keep equipment and work areas in neat and orderly condition.

Minimum desired qualification:

B.S. degree and 2-4 years experience in quality. Experience with mechanical, electrical, and/or optical quality practices highly desirable. Must have strong skills in successfully working with multi-functional departments to achieved desired results. A detail oriented person, with a drive to meet or exceed internal & external customer requirements. Must be capable of applying PDCA techniques and using standard industry tools / equipment to insure quality. Ability to develop changes, interprets, and uses various types of internal documents to perform job duties. Effective in the use of MS Office Software programs for data collection, analysis, and report generation. Knowledge of industry specifications a plus.

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