CMM Operator / Programmer

May 17, 2018
Jun 14, 2018
Employer Type
Direct Employer
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Description
  • Operate and Program CMM for optical, mechanical, electrical, in process and final inspection.
  • Operate all equipment to perform inspection with minimal supervision.
  • Perform inspection on raw material, fabricated parts, purchased items, in process inspection of sub-assemblies used in all product lines, and/or final inspection of systems, products and accessories prior to shipping.
  • Determine methods of inspection based on specifications, utilizing standard inspection equipment. Work to drawings, MIL specifications, or other written r verbal information or instructions.
  • Control and report nonconforming material, through the NCMR database, and maintain inspection reports.
  • Effectively communicate with staff and supervision.
  • Train other inspectors and operators, in proper inspection procedures and equipment operation.
  • Investigate issues and initiate corrective actions, including waivers and engineering change requests.
  • Investigate and implement changes to inspection procedures and processing methods.
  • Identify potential areas for product and process improvement.
  • Maintain priorities and workflow in accordance with production shop floor schedules.
  • Maintain and Calibrate measuring equipment, and maintain their calibration records.
  • Maintain work area and perform operations safely and in accordance with safety polocies
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Operating knowledge of equipment appropriate to the inspection method required, e.g. micrometers, calipers, height guages, volt meters, shadowgraph, microscopes.
  • Knowledge and experience operating coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Programming experience is desired.
  • Interpret manufacturing drawings and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing methods.
  • Must be proficient in Math, Microsoft Word and Exce

High School or Trade School Diploma Required

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